Marvis Burns


The Southfield Kappa Foundation Scholarship was the first scholarship I received. I’m so thankful for the opportunity because I learned so much going through the process. College affordability is the number one reason students of color don’t matriculate. I began Cornell without those financial pressures and consequently flourished in other areas: leadership positions completed a semester abroad and participated in countless experiences that I alone could not afford.

The Southfield Kappa Foundation’s Board went beyond just giving me a monetary reward, they provided mentorship, coaching, and safe space of sorts that helped me find strength in vulnerability. As a recipient of their wonderful scholarship, I will forever be indebted and thankful for the investment that took place over 4 years. It was refreshing to have this resource and a continuous reminder that no one does it all alone. I am a first-generation college graduate and the byproduct of others generosity and my own tenacity. College propelled me into many rooms that once were closed, and a lot of this feels possible given the SKF’s efforts.