Past Scholarship Recipients


Kwame’ L. Rowe, Esq

  • 2011 Graduated James Madison College at Michigan State University
  • 2015 Graduated Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • Currently Assistant Prosecuting Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Married with Four Children



LeTorrian Jackson

  • University of Michigan, MSW Candidate '18
  • Detroit Clinical Scholar
  • HRSA Scholar
  • Interpersonal and Mental Health 
  • Adult Well-Being Services Intern, 
  • Adult Outpatient Assistant in Research
  • Michigan Medicine-Psychiatry Department

Marvis Burns

  • Partner at Sprout Capital Co & Founder of Rent Scene Co
  • Wharton MBA ‘14, Cornell University Hotel School B.S., ‘09
  • Author of an Amazon bestseller, ”Insiders Guide to a Free Ride”
  • Marvis was a 4-year Southfield Kappa Scholarship Recipient