From the President


President Message

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of Southfield Kappa Foundation, thank you for your support over the many years since the founding of Southfield Kappa Foundation.  Together we have provided the young men of our Kappa League Program and other deserving young men and women from our community scholarship assistance to pursue their college education.  Over the past 29 years SKF has awarded over $830,000 in scholarships.  Thank You.

Our Kappa League Program has helped more than 500 Kappa League young adults transition to adulthood.  We commend our Kappa Leaguers on the completion of several years of training in Leadership, Financial Management, Personal & Career Growth which prepares them for their transition from high school to college.   As partners we have contributed to helping these young people become successful leaders, executives, and business owners of the future.

Together we have built a tremendous Legacy of Achievement.  We are now at a pivotal time in the history of SKF which challenges our ability to Award our Annual Scholarships.  Nonetheless we are committed to providing Scholarship Awards for 2021 as we face the challenges of   COVID-19.  The Need Has not Stopped, Our Commitment Cannot Stop, We Must Change to Meet the Challenges of Today’s Environment. 

Once again, we call on you to assist Southfield Kappa Foundation to continue to “Make A Difference” in our efforts to Award Scholarships.  While we are unable to hold our regular fundraising events, we can still Award Scholarships to deserving students in 2021 through our “Make A Difference” Fundraising Campaign.  Your support at any level is greatly appreciated. No donation is too small.  Thank you in advance for joining with us to “Make A Difference” in the lives of the students and communities we serve.


Keith R. Way


Next Steps...

Join with us to have an impact in making our efforts possible. Your assistance will also help SKF to mentor and equip the youth of our communities with